Mercutio: Romeo, mah Bromeo, I love you man, but no homeo.

Romeo: Bruh

COALESCING: a mix for when on the streets, it converged: sounds of space, sounds of loneliness, sounds of weighted conspiracy from behind closed doors. thick and mysterious, it weighed so heavily in your palm, you could sleep in it. (LISTEN/DOWNLOAD)

hello how are you i am VERY cute today


we all remember the first time we came across a smut fic


when your parents walk in when a sex scene is on 



i feel the need to put this here to clarify for any future and some past texts i have posted with these trash children as the subject

"This is actually kind of crazy. Talk about a weird thing. Rocky Raccoon is one of my favourite songs. For some reason, [the song] just fucking kills me. It’s pathetic; it destroys me. When the role of Rocket Raccoon came upon us, I was talking to James Gunn and I said, ‘I’m doing this movie now, and we’re always tripping on Rocky Raccoon. Isn’t it weird that I’m playing Rocket Raccoon?’ He told me that was the inspiration for the character, that song. I don’t know if that’s the truth, but it’s what he said, which if that’s the truth, it’s kind of insane.”

i’m getting really irate 


If you reblog my selfie I will consider you a personal friend and will give you front seats at my wedding and also I won’t have you politically assassinated when I take over the world